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Membership of the HVCfP Network is open to anyone interested in becoming part of a multidisciplinary community seeking to improve the utilisation of high value chemicals from plants in the UK. We are committed to ensuring the Network is well represented by members from environmental, social, economic and policy fields as well as members with wide-ranging biological and chemical expertise.

The High Value Chemicals from Plants Network creates opportunities for individuals to engage with each other, building critical mass and enabling research consortia to respond to funding opportunities in the research area of high value chemical production from plants.

Network members can:

  • Use our searchable directory of members to find research partners or send a short advert/pitch for inclusion in the next HVCfP newsletter to wendy.lawley@york.ac.uk
  • Talk to a Network Manager for advice and assistance about developing your consortium including the opportunity to apply for HVCfP consortium building funds
  • Apply for Proof of Concept funds and Business Interaction Vouchers
  • Apply for HVCfP¬†training funds to attend a training course or visit to a collaborator’s lab to gain new expertise
  • Attend a Network event and help define the future direction of the Network

To register as a member of the HVCfP Network, please fill in your details below. By becoming a member, you accept our membership terms and conditions HERE and agree always to act in accordance with them. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not register.

For information regarding what data we collect and how is it used. Please view our privacy notice.

High Value Chemicals from Plants