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High Value Biorenewables Network website is launched!

The website of the High Value Biorenewables Network, a BBSRC NIBB has been launched and the Network is now accepting membership registration.

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HVB Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker announced

Details are given of the Keynote Speaker at HVB’s first annual meeting in November 2019

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Apply to attend Scientific Workshop: Genomes to High Value Biorenewable Products

Details are given of how to apply to attend the first scientific workshop organised by the High Value Biorenewables Network

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First Annual Meeting of the HVB Network

Details are given of the first Annual Meeting of the members of the HVB-Network, a BBSRC NIBB.

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Resource Recovery from Waste March workshops

Details are given of two free workshops taking place in March

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Publication of findings from HVCfP Proof of Concept Project

A publication by HVCfP members from Royal Holloway, University of London, describes results from work funded in part by a HVCfP Proof of Concept award.

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UK Bioeconomy Strategy published

The UK Bioeconomy Strategy has been published.

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Outcome of the UK bioeconomy consultation published

The UK Government response to the consultation on the UK Bioeconomy has been published.

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Life Sciences Sector Deal 2 released

Life Sciences Sector Deal 2 has been released.

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HVCfP to develop into ‘High Value Biorenewables’ Phase II NIBB

HVCfP will develop into High Value Biorenewables (HVB) – a Phase II BBSRC NIBB.

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High Value Chemicals from Plants