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Industrial Strategy white paper published today

The Industrial Strategy white paper has been published.

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Launch of IB landscape report

Industrial Biotechnology Landscape Report: UK Industrial Biotechnology Framework and Strategy – report launched 31st October 2017

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How science transformed the world in 100 years

Link to an essay written by President of the Royal Society Professor Sir Venki Ramakrishnan

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The Bioeconomy in the North of England

A consortium based in the North of England has published a Science and Innovation Audit report “The Bioeconomy in the North of England”

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The role of botanic gardens in the conservation of plant species

An in-depth study of the plants found in botanic gardens around the world has been published.

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The PROCAR consortium – carotenoid production platforms

Use of Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous as a production platform for carotenoids is being investigated by the PROCAR consortium led by HVCfP’s Management Board Chair, Paul Fraser.

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Draft genome sequence of Apostasia shenzhenica

Orchid genome sequence published

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Life Sciences: Industrial Strategy report is published

The Life Sciences: Industrial Strategy report has been published

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Producing polio vaccine in plants

Scientists from the John Innes Centre – including George Lomonossoff (an invited speaker at HVCfP’s annual meeting in October) – publish results describing the production of polio virus in plants.

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Using phylogenetics and environmental data to identify medicinal plants

Read a blog from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, discussing ways to identify new medicinal plants

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High Value Chemicals from Plants